Everybody loves a good success story. It inspires and encourages us in our own work. Here are stories about a few of my favorite projects.

Cartoon of birthday party with chaotic family
A recent client from northern England requested a very lively image to reproduce on a small billboard. The delivery involved
Dunedin Barefoot Business Women logo
Your brand represents who you are, and your logo distills that into one image. Designing a logo is like creating
Tinytown food bank
Sometimes, the best feedback from a client is just one line. That's what we heard from the Washington Department of
I've lost track of the number of folks I've met who said, "I want to start a nonprofit...someday." This video,
Small but MIGHTY
Your organization's annual report is an important piece of information for funders and community members. This year, Washington Nonprofits worked
Nancy Bacon (nancybacon.com) and I are both passionate about instructional design, especially as it applies to the nonprofit and public
Ow. Oops. Uh-Oh.
I love it when a big project can be distilled into a simple message. A recent project funded by the
Over 20 years ago, an online community was launched to support adult siblings of people with disabilities. It began as
In 2018, I designed a logo for the Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good, which is held in Yakima,
At the end of 2018, the staff of Washington Nonprofits asked 3 Choices to redesign their conference websites. Both sites