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Starting a Nonprofit

The Starting a Nonprofit in Washington State toolkit is one of our favorite projects. Having started two international nonprofits based in Washington State, we were able to incorporate firsthand knowledge of the process into the curriculum materials. 3 Choices was responsible for the following aspects of the project:

  • Creating brand materials, including logos and navigational icons
  • Drawing original cartoon characters that were incorporated into both print and video deliverables
  • Writing the script, recording the voiceover, and creating the animated video (below)
  • Developing the 5 Pathways Graphic, which allows users to see all the steps involved at a glance, as well as other infographics
  • Creating an interactive multimedia version of the 5 Pathways Graphic
  • Formatting the printed guide
  • Organizing and publishing the document vault, with sample documents and templates for starting a nonprofit
  • Publishing all materials on the Washington Nonprofit Institute

The unique 5 Pathways Graphic allows users to see the steps involved in starting a nonprofit, many of them parallel. You can explore it on ThingLink.