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Special logos for special siblings

Over 20 years ago, an online community was launched to support adult siblings of people with disabilities. It began as a ListServ, moved to Yahoo!, then to Facebook. For those like myself who grew up with a special-needs sibling, SibNet is a source of support, understanding, and inspiration. It has inspired other groups, too, for teen siblings, 20-something siblings, and grandparents of special-needs individuals.

Don Meyer oversees all of these groups as part of his work directing the Sibling Support Project. He recently asked me to create logos for the four different online communities. The challenge was to make them distinctive from each other, but still clearly part of the same overall group.


I have always loved the “bouncing ball” in Don’s Sibshops logo, so I used that and the  color scheme from the Sibling Support Project to align the branding of the four communities. I used typography to give each one a different flavor that’s in keeping with the demographic it serves.