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Nonprofit Safety Hero

The APPapp logo

Nonprofit Safety Hero is a one-stop website for safety and health planning resources. The site and its associated safety campaign offer:

  • The APPapp, an online tool that helps food programs generate Accident Prevention Plans and stay in compliance with Washington state law.
  • The Safety and Health Learning Management System, offering online safety and health training, tools, and resources for nonprofits in Washington state.
  • Volunteer Safety Hero, an extensive set of free materials (printed cards, posters, stickers, original cartoons, videos, and web pages) to keep volunteers safe and healthy

3 Choices is pleased to help the Washington Food Coalition deliver materials that are funded by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. Our role in the project includes:

  • Brand strategy, logo design, colors, and typography.
  • Development and hosting of two WordPress websites, and
  • Content and technical development for the WordPress-based APPapp.
  • Scriptwriting for online courses, including Safety Leadership.
  • Design of course workbooks and guides.
  • Original illustration, animation, and motion graphics for course videos.