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About 3 Choices

Margaret Meps Schulte, 3 Choices Creative Communications
Margaret Meps Schulte, 3 Choices Creative Communications

We are a get-things-done creative agency, focused on the needs of nonprofits and  businesses that help people. We know that creativity is the key to using your budget effectively — that’s why it’s in our name.

Margaret Meps Schulte is the founder and creative director at 3 Choices. With 35 years of experience in nonprofit and corporate communications, she helps nonprofits and socially-responsible businesses connect and engage with their audiences.

Meps launched her career at Battelle Memorial Institute, the global nonprofit science and technology organization best known as the place where the Xerox machine was developed. Long before PowerPoint existed, she used dedicated computer systems to illustrate things like artificial hearts and no-lick stamp adhesives.

She relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 1995, where she worked for Arthur Andersen Business Consulting as a Knowledge Manager, Quovera as an Information Architect, and Expeditors International as a Business Analyst.

In 1998, Meps was a founding board member of Bahia Street, an international nonprofit that provides educational opportunities to girls and young women in Bahia, Brazil. In 2011, she helped launch Sou Digna/I Am Worthy, an organization dedicated to capacity-building and vocational education in the same region. She has volunteered with countless nonprofit organizations in every capacity from communications strategist and newsletter-writer to serving beer at a fundraiser.

Meps is a bluewater sailor, an extensive traveler, and the author and illustrator of three books: the award-winning Strangers Have the Best Candy, The Secret Society of Cats & Chickens, and The Joyful Bear. She is also a boatbuilder and expert in marine composite construction. She divides her time between Tampa Bay (Clearwater, Florida) and Puget Sound (Seattle, Washington).

View Margaret Meps Schulte’s CV (PDF)

Give Meps a call to discuss your project at 206.232.1234 or send her an email.

Strangers Have the Best Candy
Strangers Have the Best Candy, published in 2014. Winner of the Diagram Prize.
The Secret Society of Cats & Chickens, published in 2023
The Joyful Bear, published in 2016.