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Here’s how we work

Every project we do begins with questions about people: Who’s the audience? Who’s the author? What are you trying to communicate?

Once we get our arms around the project goals, we can determine the most cost-effective solution. It might be a new or revised website, a video, a printed document, or a presentation. Most likely, your message needs to be delivered in a number of formats to reach the widest audience — those are our favorite projects! We’ll tie the content together with original graphics, consistent color schemes, and crisp typography to bring a fresh, lively approach to your organization’s storytelling.

We ask tough questions, and we write in a clear, straightforward style.

We’ll hold you accountable to your message. If the wording is unclear, we’ll ask you to explain it. We’ll call you out on weasel words, jargon, and business-speak.

We’re fun and easy to work with.

At 3 Choices, we’ll work with you to brainstorm solutions. You know your organization, and you know what has worked so far. We value your knowledge and respect your expertise.

We don’t have cookie-cutter solutions. Just as no two people are the same, no two organizations are the same. We will work with you to understand your culture and your audience, so together, we can be certain that your message gets delivered effectively.

Meet Margaret Meps Schulte, our founder and the “hat lady”: