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A message from our founder, Meps Schulte:

The success of your enterprise, whether nonprofit or for-profit, depends on communications. Every project I do begins with questions about people: Who’s the audience? Who’s the author? What are you trying to communicate?

Once we get our arms around the project goals, I’ll determine the most original, cost-effective solution, whether that’s a website, print graphic, video, sign, or presentation. Maybe your message needs to be delivered in a number of formats in order to reach a wider audience — I can do that. I work with nonprofits and small businesses all over the country, bringing a fresh, lively approach to your organization’s storytelling.

I’m fun and easy to work with.

I’ll work with you to brainstorm solutions. You know your organization, and you know what has worked so far. I value your knowledge and respect your expertise, and I look forward to helping you find solutions to your communications challenges.

I don’t have cookie-cutter solutions. Just as no two people are the same, no two organizations are the same. I will work with you to understand your culture and your audience, so together, we can be certain that your message gets delivered effectively.