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A logo is a portrait of your organization

Dunedin Barefoot Business Women logo

Your brand represents who you are, and your logo distills that into one image. Designing a logo is like creating a portrait of an organization.

A logo has to work at a half inch, on the bottom of an email, or be blown up to the size of a banner. It has to work on a dark background or a light one, in 4-color, spot color, or one color.

When an organization is new, and they’re figuring out who they are, designing the logo is a special challenge, and also an honor. They need something that can take them to all the places they want to go.

That’s why I am proud to have designed the new logo for the Dunedin Barefoot Business Women. I hope it will take the group to all the places they want to go!

Dunedin Barefoot Business Women
Dunedin Barefoot Business Women