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Dedicated to helping you help others.

Every project, at its heart, is a communications project.

There is always a message and an audience. At 3 Choices, we’ll find the best way for your message to reach your audience with the right blend of original images and designs, cutting-edge digital media, and clear, straightforward writing.

Our work speaks for itself:

How to Design for Action eBook
How to Design for Action
Census Website
2020 Census Website With Document Catalog
Let's Go Legal
Let’s Go Legal
WA-SEN toolkit
Washington Student Engagement Networks
Liquor course icon
Course on Liquor at Events
SibNet logos
SibNet Brand Banners
Build A Movement!
Build A Movement Advocacy Toolkit
Washington State Nonprofit Conference
Washington State Nonprofit Conference
Safe & Ready Nonprofits
Disaster Planning for Nonprofits
Starting a Nonprofit
Starting a Nonprofit
Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good
Conference for the Greater Good
Safety & Health in Nonprofits

We focus on nonprofits and their unique needs.

We’ve developed many resources to help nonprofits. Here are a few projects we’ve produced:

The Washington Nonprofit Institute: on-demand learning and resources for anyone running a nonprofit. 3 Choices developed and maintains the Institute website.

The Nonprofit Radio Show: a podcast offering tips and suggestions for running a small nonprofit. 3 Choices sponsors and produces the audio podcast.

Aim for Action

Aim for Action: a partnership that develops effective training solutions for nonprofits using a unique action-focused framework. Meps Schulte is the co-creator of Aim for Action.