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3 Choices Creative Communications

Dedicated to helping you help others.

At 3 Choices, we focus on nonprofits and their unique needs.

We are pleased to offer resources like these to make nonprofits stronger and more effective:

Nonprofit Learning Center logo
The Nonprofit Learning Center: Learning & innovation to help your nonprofit thrive. Providing one-stop learning for nonprofit boards, staff, and trainers, our action-oriented materials are created for busy people who need effective, hands-on training.
3 Choices has developed the Center in partnership with Nancy Bacon LLC.
Nonprofit Radio Show logo
The Nonprofit Radio Show, a podcast with tips and tools for small nonprofits, is free on your favorite podcast platform.
3 Choices produces the podcast in partnership with hosts Nancy Bacon and Sarah Brooks.

At its heart, we believe that every project is a communications project.

There is always a message and an audience. At 3 Choices, we’ll find the best way for your message to reach your audience with the right blend of original images and designs, cutting-edge digital media, and clear, straightforward writing.

Our work speaks for itself:

Census Website
2020 Census Website With Document Catalog
Safety & Health in Nonprofits
Let's Go Legal
Let’s Go Legal
SibNet logos
SibNet Brand Banners
Build A Movement!
Build A Movement Advocacy Toolkit
Central Washington Conference for the Greater Good
Conference for the Greater Good
Nonprofit Safety Hero logo
Nonprofit Safety Hero courses and the APPapp
Washington State Nonprofit Conference
Washington State Nonprofit Conference
How to Design for Action eBook
How to Design for Action
Liquor course icon
Course on Liquor at Events
WA-SEN toolkit
Washington Student Engagement Networks
Starting a Nonprofit
Starting a Nonprofit